About me

Handsome genius

I'm a habitat generalist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In my day job, I am a Senior Cartographer/Analyst for The Nature Conservancy's North American Region Science Team. In my spare time, I manage CorridorDesign, a site dedicated to providing tools and information on wildlife corridors.


Outside of science geekery, I enjoy reading, running, roasting coffee, and recording music. I collect different methods to brew coffee, typography books, and musical instruments. And my wife would probably tell you shoes, too. Can't forget the shoes.

I used to record some music with my friend Nick, and sometimes I work on some sweet jams with my friend Gary. I also write some obtuse songs on my own, and quite enjoy making field recordings.

I enjoy pizza and could eat it every day of my life, have a sweet tooth the size of Texas, and can remember Pi to about 9 digits.


If you'd like to talk to me, you can contact me at dan@corridordesign.org.


If you're into science, check out my reference library on CiteULike. You can find me elsewhere on Last.fm, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


This site was lovingly hand-coded in Notepad++, and is running on the ExpressionEngine content management system.

The site should be web standards compliant, and is currently written in XHTML while I tinker with HTML5. Little bits of CSS3 are sprinkled throughout, and headings are set in The League of Moveable Type's awesome and free Chunk and League Gothic typefaces, which I obtained from FontSquirrel.