TNC Arizona science website

The Nature Conservancy, 2008-2010

I have designed two iterations of The Nature Conservancy in Arizona's website for conservation science and public policy activities.

By providing easy-to-navigate content and a clean design, the redesigned site has significantly increased traffic and downloaded reports. I was responsible for all aspects of backend development, visual design, information architecture and navigation, and content preparation. Content creation is a joint effort from the science team, and I typically take an editing pass on all content to ensure it's digestible and meets best practices for web writing.

While I spent a great deal of time on both revisions of the site, I was able to adapt the template for The Nature Conservancy's Washington and New Mexico science programs in just a couple hours.

Technical details: The website is powered by ExpressionEngine, written in standards-compliant XHTML and CSS, and uses a bit of Jquery throughout. About 12 templates, based on a homebrewed 12-column CSS grid, shape the content and keep it consistent.

What others are saying—unsolicited feedback I've received about the site

"Congratulations on the website redesign. The site is excellent and I found it easy to navigate and find what I was looking for." - Cheryl M., Sonoran Institute

"I haven't visited the science website for some time and just took a quick look--WOW! It's fabulous. Congratulations." - Fran M., TNC,

"My compliments, the website is very well done; a lot of information yet easy to navigate and find what you're looking for." - Jim P., TNC

"I was amazed at all that TNC is doing and about the amount of information on this web site... it sure looks like TNC is really helping us out linking the science with our management activities" - Keith M., USFS

"I came across the azconservation.org website while searching for an older GIS download page and have to say it's really nice." - Jeff G., TNC

"The Science website is beautiful! Thanks for making it easier to use." - Kristin R., TNC

azconservation home page azconservation home page azconservation home page