CorridorDesigner website and tools

Northern Arizona University, 2006-2011

The goal of the CorridorDesigner project is to transfer information and GIS tools for designing wildlife corridors to the public. The impetus for this project came from the interest shown to my response to a March 2006 CONSGIS listserv question about software available for designing wildlife corridors. We realized that although several groups have used GIS to design wildlife linkages, the necessary conceptual steps and specific GIS methods have not been documented adequately.

With this project, I programmed 2 toolboxes in Python for ArcGIS for designing corridors, presented 5 workshops throughout the Western U.S., and designed and manage a website to teach others about how to design corridors. The effort was featured in the Fall 2010 issue of Esri's ArcNews publication.

CorridorDesigner toolbox for ArcGIS

The CorridorDesigner toolbox is a set of 12 tools which aid the user in 1) creating habitat suitability models & identifying potential habitat patches, 2) creating corridor models, and 3) transforming a DEM into a topographic slope position raster. A special toolbox created for users in Arizona allows for the rapid creation of pre-parameterized habitat and corridor models, using species data collected for the Arizona Missing Linkages project.

corridordesign.org website

corridordesign.org is powered by ExpressionEngine, and written in standards-compliant XHTML and CSS. Like all websites I design, it started as a series of sketches in my notebook, was coded by hand in Notepad++, and finally turned into ExpressionEngine templates. All content is a collaboration between Paul Beier and myself. Between breaks doing research in Ghana in the summer of 2007, Paul would fire up the generator, ramble on about a topic, then shuffle down to an internet cafe to send it off to me for editing. I took a rather heavy hand in editing and rewriting the content so it would be easier to read on our site and in our workshop book.

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