TNC Maps website

The Nature Conservancy, 2011

The TNC Maps site provides GIS data and interactive web maps related The Nature Conservancy's work throughout the world.

The previous version of the site started as a place to share some quick download links for staff and partners, but with the addition of new datasets and maps, it grew overwhelming quickly. While I was on the phone chatting with Data Management Specialist Jon Fisher, I found myself volunteering to redesign the site. Somehow I seem to always volunteer away my free time on projects like this, but it turned out to be a lot of fun working with Jon.

I focused on a couple goals with the site redesign, mostly related to simplifying the user experience. One goal was to improve the site's navigation, and make it immediately apparent what the site has to offer: GIS data and maps. Working with Jon, I also significantly streamlined the site's copy, so users don't get hit with a wall of words. Finally, I simplified and organized GIS download options, so beginner/intermediate users could find what they need easier.

Technical details: Like the Madrean Conference site I just completed, the TNC Maps site is pretty simple technically - 4 HTML pages, 1 CSS framework, and no CMS backend. I once again used the responsive CSS framework Skeleton to make the site easier to read and navigate on all devices.

What others are saying—unsolicited feedback I've received about the site

Been meaning to drop you a line letting you know how much I like maps.tnc.org and your use of forward-thinking design principles. - Kyle B., TNC

Just saw the new Maps.tnc.org...looks fantastic! Huge improvement! - Andrew C., TNC

What a great looking website.. Kudos to Dan Majka and the CDIS team! - Rachel R., TNC

Very nice. I love it. You guys do such good work. It is a very simple and easy to navigate site and looks sharp. I like the design. I will definitely bookmark and share with staff once it goes live next week. Thanks for sharing! - Erica S., TNC

TNC Maps home page TNC Maps home page TNC Maps home page