TNC hydrological database

The Nature Conservancy, 2008-2011

The Nature Conservancy's web-based hydrological evaluation and archiving tool (HEAT) is a joint effort between stewardship and science programs to maintain hydrological data at preserve sites. Previous efforts to collect hydrological data in Arizona often failed, because they required preserve managers to send spreadsheets of depth-to-groundwater, streamflow, and precipitation data to our hydrologist at irregular intervals.

This web-based tool centralizes data collection, allows easy export to Excel, and sends an email receipt to the database managers when new data is entered, allowing us to track its usage and do quality assurance.

Technical details: I created the HEAT database using the PHP framework CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter is a small, Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework which speeds up creating web apps. The CSS and XHTML templates for the database were written by hand in Notepad++, and the data is stored in a MySQL database.

As of Summer 2011, I am working on a Python tool or ArcGIS workflow which will allow users to sync the web-based HEAT database with an ArcGIS file geodatabase.

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